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NAT - Nano Art Token

Where physical and digital arts merge together

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The Nano Art Token (NAT) is part of an economic system created to serve a community passionate about art and its entire universe from physical to digital works, artists, galleries, museums, public spaces, education, events and more. The NAT ecosystem comes with a variety of utilities aimed at the artistic segment for artists, collectors, retainers and investors.


The Nano NFT Art Market is the platform that sells physical and digital arts in NFT format. Within the platform, Artworks can be purchased using the NAT token.


Get access to artists, galleries, museums, public spaces, education, events and more.

Nano Club

Nano Lock

Physical artworks that are part of the NAT ecosystem will receive an authenticity certificate in NFT format, ensuring the authenticity and perpetual royalties to the author and holder.


Check out our Whitepaper for more details

About Us

Who we are

Nano Art Market

Nano is a Brazilian arts startup. Active in the art community, education, exhibitions, representation, sales, and logistics. Nano, founded in 2020 by Thomaz Pacheco, is constantly evolving, adding new features to its ecosystem.


Thomaz Pacheco - Founder

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